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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

, who starred with in 2010's Welcome to the Rileys, is the latest star to pay tribute to the deceased star, with his funeral scheduled for this Thursday.

She said, in a published statement to EW:

"When I heard of James' passing I was in New Orleans, where we met shooting, and every memory flooded back and gutted me. I'll hold that time near to me forever. He was immeasurably great. My heart goes out to his beloved family."

In the film, Kristen played a down n' out stripper/prostitute whom Gandolfini, a grief stricken father of a deceased child, attempts to save. Both play demanding, emotionally-intense roles opposite each other in the drama, so it makes sense that they became close over the course of the shoot.

Back in 2009, whilst filming the drama, Stewart told USA Today, "Jim was the sh*t. He’s quiet. We got along well because we let it happen the way it’s supposed to. It was very organic, very cool.”

I will keep this short. Anyone one whose seen The Sopranos, or even an interview with the man himself, would agree here: James Gandolfini, he truly was the s**t.


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