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The young star crossed lovers, and endured a lengthy and painful separation in May, following Kristen's affair with her Snow White and the Huntsman director .

However, the Twilight two have recently reignited their romance and according to International Business Times they now face their next challenge which involves whether or not to reveal their love to the world. It's a scenario that many of us would find hard to comprehend and will unsurprisingly cause some additional obstacles to an already fragile situation.

According to IBT, one of Rob's confidants has revealed:

Though he doesn't really want to hide their relationship, he can't see an alternative at the moment.

Kristen however, seems to be wanting the opposite, wishing to throw caution to the wind. Although she is willing to honor Robs wishes and keep their relationship private, she has become somewhat jaded by the secrecy of it all which prevents them from going out together in public. It apparently makes her feel like 'she's doing something wrong'.

It's a tricky situation nevertheless, but it seems that it's the way it has to be for now.

Keeping the relationship under wraps may prove to be tricky during the holiday season, as we've learned through IBS that the Twilight beauty is planning a Thanksgiving feast for close friends. Kristen hopes to make the celebrations unforgettable before Rob leaves to start filming for his next role in Queen of the Desert.

Do you think that Robsten should keep their relationship a secret, or do you think that it's a futile task? Let us know your thoughts.



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