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Twilight stars and are reportedly on break after calling time on their four-year romance, and Kristen has since surrounded herself with her close friends to help her stay happy.

A source close to the star told Hollywood Life that:

They are basically allowed to date other people and Kristen is super sad over the whole thing. She's depressed and rightly so. Her good friends have been hanging out with her at her house giving her support. She has quite a few close friends.

The source continues:

And it's not like Rob is all cheery and happy. This is a tough time for both of them. But Kristen seems to be taking the split the hardest.

Despite trying to patch things up with an extravagant holiday to Cannes together, it looks like things came to a head on May 13th, the day of R-Pattz's 27th birthday, when the couple had a massive argument and Kristen revealed that she felt "unloved".

Robert broke things off last summer when Kristen was in the middle of a cheating scandal involving her married Snow White and the Huntsman director , but they managed to patch things up. Is there hope on the horizon this time around?

It has to be hard survive the popularity of Twilight and all the paparazzi and their life on display every moment of every day. I thought they did very well, all things considered. Let's hope they can at least remain friends...



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