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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

's at a crossover moment. Newly single. Freed from the confines of her tweeny franchise. It's perfect time for a reinvention!

What did other stars do at these transition moments? Britney (and now Miley!) transitioned themselves into hyper-sexualized bad girls. post-Friends (and ) became a rom-com queen.

Kristen is going to be...

...the world's premier female action star!

Yes, our moody Kristen is dropping the glazed, absent stares and is ready to kick some butt! She's gonna be the of the fairer sex. BAM.

This has all come from the Daily Star. Now, the Daily Star is hardly gospel. For all the non-Brits amongst ya'll, the Daily Star focusing on 'truth' is as frequent an occurrence as Uwe Boll getting Oscar nominations. It's a lot of gossip, and lots of 'sources'. Anyway, here's what the hyper-honest Brit rag had to say:

“No-one knows this but Kristen is a martial arts expert, she’s practised karate since her fifth birthday. Teen romance roles like Twilight are her past, she’s about to become bad-ass."

A 'martial arts expert'? How did she keep THAT quiet? And couldn't have Snow White busted out some of those moves in Snow White and the Huntsman? I'm not sure she's an expert, maybe 'expert' in this case means she's hit her red belt (i.e the third level, which I reached in 2005, prior to my permanent hiatus from karate class).

"She’s learnt brutal torture skills for her new movie to prove she’s a great actress and not just Robert Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend.”

BRUTAL TORTURE SKILLS? Sounds If she starts busting them out, she won't just be RPatz's ex-girlfriend...she'll be everybody's non-girlfriend for life!

Anyway, reports suggest she's already got started and she's already got a six-pack! She really doesn't want to be known as Bella Swan anymore. I don't know what to think of this - Camp X-Ray is clearly a film that requires some action chops, but this is all quite extreme.

Also, just an idea - could she be the new Lara Croft? Maybe this new direction could work out for KStew!


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