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Teen idol Kristen Stewart is now involved in a bunch of Balenciaga ads for Rosabotanica ('Florabotanica’s follow-up scent') and in this video you can watch her talking about the parallels between her 'coming of age' and the new fragrance. It makes for an interesting juxtaposition between that sultry albeit sometimes sulky stare and the soft uncharacteristic floral fuss of fake vines which embellishes her skin.

According to Flare, she explained that after a break from filming, the actress was seduced by Clouds of Sils Maria, Camp X-Ray, a drama set in Guantanamo Bay, where the role see's her characters 'eyes are smashed open, and I know that feeling'.

Kristen elaborated (via Flare):

Unless there’s a story that you just fucking have to help bring to life, it’s not worth it.

And what of her turbulent and very public personal life:

They cast you as easily identifiable characters they can sell to the masses. When people pick up newspapers and read perfect summaries of my life in little concise stories, it’s kind of silly. Can anyone’s life be put into words like that?

Watch the video here:


What do you think to the new fashion video? Do you think it's a good platform to find out about the 'real' ?




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