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Nobody can accuse outspoken Kristen Stewart of being a shrinking violet and now the boundary-pushing actor has taken part in a provocative photo shoot that is as bold and eccentric as her personality.

's latest starring role is as the cover girl of V Magazine's Free Spirit issue where she opens up to fellow thespian Chloë Sevigny about everything from the pressures of fame to the perils of technology, and debuted some extreme new looks:

The 26-year-old Personal Shopper star revealed that she sometimes has trouble letting go of Hollywood pressures:

“I know that it seems like just a couple weeks at a time or whatever, but between Cannes and the New York Film Festival, it seems like I need to force myself to be like, 'OK no, stop being external. Enough of the output.' Sometimes, you need to—this sounds so cliché—meditate on replenishing the well."

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Kristen also ruminated the pressure we all put ourselves under as slaves to social media, and philosophized about how it has changed us as people:

"You also become addicted to that hit by yourself and with yourself, every seven minutes or so, and you end up wasting so much time just validating something very superficial in yourself. It has definitely changed us.”

While the photographs for V Magazine were photographed by Mario Testino, Stewart mused about another fashion figure in her interview, stressing how harmonious her working relationship with Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld is:

"Karl has always, from the very beginning, made me feel like being myself was the right thing to do. And in [the fashion] world, that is a rarity. He’s a compulsive and obsessive artist and it’s contagious. And he’s kind. He is who he is for a reason. I feel so lucky to be in his space so often."

Its awesome seeing Kristen so confident and in tune with her own unique style in a photo shoot. After all those Twilight years of being forced to conform to an image that didn't feel like her own this is Kristen's time to shine like the unique star she is.

You can preorder the V Magazine Free Spirit issue here.


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