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Sophie Atkinson

Ohh, crazy Hollywood gossip world. Women are so not as horrid to each other as you'd like us to believe.

The latest rumor is that phoned up a few hours before the Met Ball to ask her what was going on between her and Rob. Bear in mind, this would have been a fortnight before star-crossed love puppies and K-Stew parted ways. A source revealed that Katy "said there was no way she was messing with Rob, but Kristen didn't believe her."

A different source told the same tale to Now Magazine with slightly different wording: "Kristen called Katy to ask her straight out...Katy was stunned and things got awkward. She said there was no way she was messing with Rob, but Kristen didn't believe her. Katy got off the phone as soon as she could."

The source said ominously: "The timing was never right [for Rob and Katy and]...Katy's the kind of girl who goes after what she wants until she gets it."

Ok, pause. Didn't the three of them all have an absolute whale of a time hanging out at Coachella a few months ago? If Kristen's as paranoid as the above implies, wouldn't she have got the hump at K-Perry intruding on her and Rob's couple time? And if Katy has always been so desperately into Rob, wouldn't she have found it painful to tag along with the one-time crazy-in-love couple?

The not-very-trustworthy sounding sources are coming out of the woodwork thick and fast recently. I reckon at least 2% of LA's economy is now being funded by gossip magazines paying 'close personal friends' of the couple to dish the dirt about what the duck is going on!

Probably the bitchiest source of the lot told Now magazine "He and Kristen were arguing and Rob found comfort in Katy," a source told Now magazine. "She's fun to be with, not moody like Kristen."

Honestly! If Rob was looking for a sunny happy-go-lucky broad, he wouldn't have shacked up for nearly four years with the only woman in the world who smiles less than Victoria Beckham.

What do you think of all these stories? Spot on or a load of nonsense? Let me know below.


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