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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

A gazillion people were wondering why didn't attend the Teen Choice Awards, especially considering the Twilight franchise's knack for picking up those TCA surfboards by the bucketload. Then, they were given extra thought by the fact that didn't attend! So, why did KStew skip the awards ceremony exactly?

It's that usual boring excuse. Work. Snore. Even if she is working on a potential career-changing movie - let's be honest, KStew as a soldier and Guantanamo Bay guard, it's quite a break from Bella Swan!

But at least she had the politeness to give us ravenous celebrity bloggers something to chew at. It's a photo with her co-star . No, there's no kissing here - even the most inventive of gossip-mongrels would find it difficult to spin romance out of this!

But there's a whole ton of attitude. It's Kristen goes gangsta'. She pulls her usual moody face (but with a tad more spunk), and definitely beats Mr Garrison's more content-looking face. See it below:

My last thought: the hats? Emblazoned with 'Those Mothafuckas'. I'm glad she's larking around, but this is definitely something Kristen n' Lane should consider bumping off at her local jumble sale. Kristen isn't, despite her best efforts, ever going to be the Harlem ghetto girl.

Do you all agree? Is this the start of 's descent into gangsterdom?


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