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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

doesn't smile often, but even if she did, it seems like the press would try and convert it into a scowl. Check out the photo above of the real-life Bella, back in LA this week.

Here's what Hollywood Life have to say about this photo: she looks 'glum'. Okay, she's hardly beaming...but she is just taking an early-morning walk to work. Also, the hat she's wearing - could it be Rob's they ask? Girls can wear black caps too, Hollywood Life!

Anyway, Kristen in back in LA. That's the big news here, and she's in town for pre-production work on her new movie Camp X-Ray. It's the story of young girl who escapes the small-town, not for the bright lights of New York or the hedonistic abandon of Berlin (my personal favorite)...but for Guantanamo. It wasn't her first choice, she wanted Iraq. Anyway, down at Guantanamo, facing a sea of hatred for her amongst the inmates, Kristen's on-screen alter-ego becomes friends with a prisoner whose been there for 8 years. This actually sounds like an interesting premise but media attention is obviously still focused on her love-life.

Here's the latest rumor, that she will rebound from the breakup with (and his hookup with her old Runaways co-star !) with a hookup with co-star ? Could we be about to rename Camp X-Ray, Camp Hook-Up? Of course, we have no firm evidence yet, so I'll hold my horses on this one.

So, so Kristen's back in L.A. Do you think she looks glum? Is that Rob's cap? Will she have her own on-set romance? How much does she hate Riley Keough? Seriously, deserves her own Guardian live blog or something (like they do for the Edward Snowden affair or an Arab uprising)...after all, there are just SO many questions!

And of course, feel free to pipe in with your opinions on her latest move in the comments below.


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