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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

It was the showdown the world had been waiting with bated breath for. Yes. and ran into each other recently.

So, what crazy, dramatic, handbags at dawn-esque scenario occurred?

Err..none really. They ran into each other at Joan Jett's concert at the West Hollywood House of Blues. As you would expect of perpetually moody, 'I don't care' Kristen Stewart, she pulled an unhappy face, gave her a hug but then just kept her distance from Riley. The totally-reliable source from Showbizspy said:

"It was weird when they saw each other, because Kristen didn't look very happy when she walked over to give her a hug," a source said. "They spoke for like two minutes and then Riley and her girlfriend walked away. Kristen watched the show from upstairs and I am pretty sure Riley kept her distance and was watching from downstairs,"

Why was it weird? Surely, Kristen wouldn't be happy - given Riley was her co-star on The Runaways and is (maybe) dating her EX-BOYFRIEND!? Sometimes, the anonymous-celebrity-sources of this world baffle me with their logic. But anyway, good on Kristen for not causing a scene. Imagine all the anonymous sources that would make a buck from THAT situation!

But, wait, did we hear that RPatz and Riley aren't really a thing? That she's back with (maybe)? And that Rpatz and Kristen are back together (maybe)?

There's so many maybe's here, my head is ready to explode. I'm ready for some clarity here: just who is dating who here? Also, anyone else impressed by how Kristen behaved in the situation?


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