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In a recent interview, former Twilight thesp Kristen Stewart described her latest movie project as "a love story of epic, epic, epic proportion." What kind of love story was Kristen Stewart talking about? A remake of Titanic? An update of It's a Wonderful Life? Another Romeo and Juliet?

Nope. She was, in fact, talking about, was the upcoming remake of George Orwell's dystopian classic, 1984. Stewart is boarding the Drake Doremus-directed project based on Orwell's chilling, totalitarian hellscape and - in calling the movie a "romance" - was instantly met with a barrage of angry Orwell fans.

But, the news today is proof that not everyone was completely outraged by Kristen's comments and the idea of the totalitarianism-romance movie in general. Deadline is reporting that the in-development movie is now set to head to Berlin's European Film Market next month as a prime sales target. They are reporting that:

Scott Free has come aboard with Indian Paintbrush to back the film, and Exclusive Media will sell foreign rights at EFM.

Drake Doremus, who has signed on to direct Equals, already has a strong rapport with Indian Paintbrush, which produced and financed his breakout movie Like Crazy.

I have to say, my initial reservations about this movie seem to be slowly ebbing away. Still, I'm remaining cautiously optimistic until I see something solid. What are you guys thinking about Equals? Worst idea ever, or could this be the best love story since Twilight?



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