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David Latona

is apparently none too happy about 's current dating life. The Twilight stars have been separated for a while now, and we've reported on the romantic comings and goings of both of them on this site so as to keep you abreast. The latest news, coming via HollywoodLife, has KStew writing an angry email to Rob letting him know that she is mightily pissed with him dating his latest fling, 's daughter Dylan Penn.

It looks as if Kristen believes it's way too soon for Rob to get back into the dating circuit, and also, according to a source:

She told him he was cheapening everything they’d had between them.

Now, if KStew really wrote him that sentence in the email, I hope she's aware that it's dripping with so much irony, many people would probably instantly choke to death just from hearing her say that with a straight face. Not that I would be one to judge, but c'mon, Kris, you can't really throw out terms like 'cheapening' after you were caught in the midsts of the modern pseudo-equivalent to adultery.

What do you think? Is KStew right to feel indignant about Rob's dalliances with chicks like Penn or (who he was spotted with back in June)? Should she stop cyber-stalking her ex or increase the volume of her online correspondence with him?

Does anybody really care anymore?



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