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David Latona

You've probably already heard all about 's home being listed on sale. If you haven't, shame on you and there you go, you're welcome very much. Now we've learned that losing this home is actually very bad news for Kristen, who's had her own plans for it for a long time.

Specifically, a source told Hollywood Life:

So many memories in that house makes her sad that it will be sold. She briefly thought about buying it and then renting it out to keep it in her family. But now she knows it’s a paparazzi haven if she were to ever live there or rent it out and doesn't want that hassle. (sic)

Well, you can't help but feel a tad sad for KStew. Especially if she was planning on raising her own family with RPatz... now their kids (if they ever wind up together again) won't be able to grow up surrounded by white rabbits, queens of hearts or gigantic chess sets. Unless, of course, their multi-millionaire parents decide they want to. In which case it all gets resolved with the flick of a finger. The source adds:

Though she's sad about the sale, she is now getting familiar with the emotion of moving on with things as that is what her life seems to be nowadays.

Here's to KStew finding the strength and courage to get over these tragic circumstances. It's good that she and the emotion of moving on with things have finally met, shook hands and slowly becoming more intimate. I'm sure they'll be best of pals.


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