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Kristen Stewart is quite proud of her new film, Camp X-Ray and with a good reason. The fronts drama, where the actress portrays a conflicted female guard in Guantanamo Bay, premiered January 17 at the Sundance Film Festival and the first reviews were very positive.

According to the Independent for example, the actress has finally found an outlet for her "trademark scowl" and herself is so proud that she has named her new puppy after the character she impersonates in Camp X-Ray.

Stewart talked with MTV News at the Sundance Film Festival and shared the story behind the puppy's name:

I have a pup, yeah. I actually got on her on 'Camp X-Ray' and named her my character name, which is so embarrassing. But it's so cute. Young Cole. She's a mutt. We found her on a frisbee golf course, and she was small and scared.

Take a look at the video of the MTV interview here:

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(source: MTV and Independent)

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