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Saturday Night Live has always featured some of the best political satire on television. It’s not surprising that the show has been mocking Trump since his emergence as a political figure (to the dismay of our now President). However, Kristen Stewart just took the game to a whole new level, and with the help of Melissa McCarthy, delivered one of the best episodes in recent years.

Saturday Night Live [Credit: NBC]
Saturday Night Live [Credit: NBC]

Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has gone viral, but a lot of the hype generated by the episode came from Kristen Stewart's opening monologue. Twitter users from all walks of life shared their thoughts, and they are as delightful as they are hilarious.

Kristen Stewart Hosts Saturday Night Live

During the monologue, Stewart describes a series of tweets Donald Trump posted in 2012, where Trump commented on Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison’s relationship. These tweets are bizarre, and put President Trump in a strange light. In these tweets, he compares Stewart a “dog”, and encourages Pattinson to leave her, because she is just going to cheat on him again.

Stewart goes on to say that Donald Trump didn't like her very much in 2012, and he definitely wouldn’t like her now, because she is “so gay, dude”. These words rang out through the audience and were met with thunderous applause.

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Stewart concludes that Donald Trump’s tweets were not condemning her, but instead were proof of Trump’s love for Robert Pattinson. I personally cannot speak on the President's behalf, nor would I assume anything based off one or two tweets; however, this string of tweets from Donald Trump seem a bit odd.

Twitter Reacts To Kristen Stewart's Monologue

Regardless if Trump is “Team Edward”, Stewart’s monologue was a big deal. The combination of her ripping on Trump, and her declaring she is gay on live TV had the world swooning. Twitter responded in kind, with tweets praising Kristen Stewart for her comments. Twitter lit up with wide-spread praise for Stewart's humor and candour — including praise from some famous faces, such as musical duo (and LGBT advocates) Tegan and Sara.

There are literally hundreds of tweets with similar sentiments. The following tweet borrows a verse from the classic Beatles song “Let It Be”, and it’s perfect:

The sheer fact that Donald Trump tweeted about Robert Pattinson is awesome. The fact that he did it so often is creepy. When awesome and creepy are combined, they come together like Voltron and create something hilarious. Twitter responded in kind, while also taking even more digs at Trump. Here are the best tweets that encompass the overall feeling of Trump’s obsession with Robert Pattinson:

The overarching theme of some of the less-civilized tweets is the fact that Trump is either in love with Robert Pattinson, or he wants his body. Either way it’s a lose-lose for Pattinson. We can neither confirm nor deny the President's feelings for R-Pat; however, these next two Twitter users think they know what the president is thinking .

Kristen Stewart’s SNL episode was amazing, and it will be talked about for a long time to come. She was honest, her digs at Trump were organic, and she never attacked him directly. As of Sunday evening, Donald Trump has not tweeted any conformation that he watched the episode, but it’s a fair assumption that he did. Hopefully Saturday Night Live continues to remind us to laugh, and entertain us for the next 4 years. Remember to check back in to MoviePilot for the latest news in all that is pop-culture.

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