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What would you guys do to utilise a year off to its fullest? I can speak from experience in saying that I would eat a phenomenal amount of pizza and, occasionally babysit dogs for beer money. Apparently Hollywood's acting elite keep things a little more classy though.

explained to MTV why she took an unscheduled year long break from filming and, what she did with it.

Kristen Stewart lets loose at the Sundance after party

The Camp X-Ray star paused on the Sundance red carpet and explained that;

I had sort of been considering taking time off for a long time, but this was not planned. I'm a total workaholic, and if there's something out there that feels worth it, then I will work through Christmas. It doesn't matter

Kristen then went on to explain that her career break had nothing to do with a desperate urge to chill by the pool for a while, but was in fact;

Because I didn't find anything that I really dug

And, who can blame her? 2013 was the year of some absolute stinkers such as The Lone Ranger, Grown Ups 2 and The Counselor so, it is understandable why the delightful Kristen wanted to keep her hands clean of such filth.

Although the actress was clearly not best pleased to have been forced into a year long hiatus, she also recognised the importance of harvesting some delicious life experience to feed her roles. Kristen said;

It is important to fill the well. As an actor, all you want to do is give as much as can, and obviously, you need experience to draw from. Not to say that you're not having experience while making movies. It's nice to decompress and recharge. It really is a necessary step to being a good actor

But, don't take it from me, hear it straight from the horses noble mouth in the video below:

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Ah, what I wouldn't give to see KStew filling her well with the rich tapestry of experience. I just hope that the young starlet managed to take some time off to do what 23 year olds do best, getting krunnnnnk and throwing some filthy shapes!

The talented actress might present as squeaky clean despite her grungy clothes but we all know KStew has a wild side that she should unleash more often.

Kristen Stewart rocks the naughty leaf motif

I'm sure I am not the only one who remembers your naughty leaf motif bikini Kristen. I'm no botanist but, I'm pretty sure that isn't a spider plant...

What would you like to do if you got the chance to chill with Kristen? Does the self-confessed workaholic need to let her hair down more often?

Source: MTV

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