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Sophie Atkinson

is on the mend! Breaking up with her lantern-jawed beau hasn't made her bitter about love - she spent last Saturday attending the wedding of her close personal friend and Catch That Kid co-star Max Thierot.

Kristen was reportedly single and ready to mingle in a sleeveless black dress and retro shades, which I reckon was a clever, calculatedly subdued choice, as nobody wants to be the girl at the wedding stealing the bride's thunder.

Gossip columnists across the internet are claiming that this must have been excruciatingly heartbreaking for poor old Miss Havisham, AKA Kristen, given that she practically dragged Rob down to a church and begged him to get hitched, but guys, we don't believe that, do we? Hollywood break ups can't all be fuelled by oddly youthful Bridezillas...

So, to recap, a source told US OK! Magazine: "Kristen wanted to go straight back to where they'd been before they first split up [in July 2012] and pushed Rob really hard on it. She wanted the whole package: the house, the wedding and even the baby."

Yeah, right.

"It was all way too much for Rob to handle," this chatty Cathy continued. "[It] sent him running for cover. Rob asked for space and it sent her over the edge. She told him if he wanted a break, it would be permanent."

There's still no official confirmation of whether Rob and Kristen have actually split up, but the star-crossed lovers haven't crossed paths since May 8, when Rob was spotted moving his belongings out of Kristen's home in Los Feliz.

Given that it's been almost three weeks now, I think this could really be the end of Robsten. Or will love's young dream reunite? Drop me a line in the comments below and let me know your take.


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