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Sophie Atkinson

Oh man. Another Riley/Rob/Kristen story. Gosh darn does Hollywood sleb journalism have a hard on for difficult love triangles*.

So, you might know that there were all these excitable rumors last week about Rob dating actress/model/relation-of-Elvis-Presley Riley Keough, all derived from this one blurry photo of Rob with a red haired girl in the front seat of his car.

This was a pretty flimsy foundation for the rumor to begin with - I drive and if there's a boy in the front seat of my car, it's as likely to be a friend of mine as a foxy illicit lover. But maybe when you're a heartthrob who once played Cedric Diggory in the Harry P movies, friendship with the opposite sex is a no-go.

The story was then killed when Riley's PR told the journos that the red haired girl snapped in the car with Rob was not Riley, no way, Jose. Which seemed like it was probably true, as the Riley rumor seemed to have been concocted to create the maximum amount of sh*t-stirring (Riley's a pal and former co-star of Kristen's) rather than because the blurry girl in the photo actually looked much like her.

But much like the whole Katy Perry story, when entertainment journalists scents what they think is juicy scandal, they rarely let go of it until it's been written about to death.

So now, UK Grazia Magazine reports that Kristen has been texting and calling Rob and Riley, as she's in the dark like the rest of us and thinks she has a right to know what’s going on, and that neither of the pair have been answering these texts or phone calls. Jeepers!

Right. I think we can all agree, this is almost certainly untrue and next week he'll be rumored to be with another photogenic female friend of Kristen's.

The obligatory anonymous insider told Grazia the following before running off into the sunset cackling wickedly and smoking cigars rolled out of all their anonymous-gossip-source money:

'Kristen is furious and has texted Rob and called Riley to find out what is going on, but apparently none of her calls have been answered.'

'Rob only knows Riley because of Kristen. Now they've been inseparable in the last few weeks and have been having low key dates at his Los Angeles home,' the source said.

The source said Kristen is 'seething' even though she 'understands things are over between her and Rob'.

'But to see him now dating one of her closest friends is just too much for her to deal with and seeing the pictures really hurt her,' the source added.

Riley's reps are still denying the pair are dating. Obviously.

*Ok, technically, more of a love triad than a triangle, since presumably Riley's not got the hots for Kristen.


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