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Mark Newton

Your first love is always the most special, right? Everyone knows that. It's for this reason that I still watch my first ex's house and send her 'love-letters' made up of text cut out from magazines. It's totally not weird, despite what certain judges and court appointed psychologists might say...

Anyway, Kristen Stewart is apparently still pining after Robert Pattinson and claims their love could never be replaced. Of course, she hasn't actually said this herself, but some anonymous money-grabbing source has. quoted a friend of Kristen as saying:

Even though Rob is dating (someone else), Kristen is convinced that what she and Rob had was one of a kind, that their love for each other was one of a kind and can never, ever be replaced. Kristen still misses Rob, but finds comfort in knowing that what they shared was the best thing that ever happened to her.

What do you think? Was their love one of a kind, or is this just a completely normal reaction to a breakup? Give us your opinion below.


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