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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

The Pride and Glory Tattoo Parlor must be a very happy bunch right now. They got a high-profile visitor the other day...none other than post-breakup !

And, from the photo collage they've posted up online, it looks like she got a lil' red tattoo on her right wrist.

So, let's get debating. What's little and red? A ladybug? A love heart? A rose? It's very, very hard to make out in the photo, so we're probably shooting blanks here. And also, those signifiers are way too obvious for such a ambiguous individual as KStew, surely it's something a lil' 'out of the box'?

Also, the other question is: why has Kristen done this? Hollywood Life have conjured up two ideas why she went for it: either to commemorate the road trip she's currently undertaking with friends, or a reference (obviously) to her ex .

I'll say this first: tattoo's are one of those things people read far too much into. Kristen may have just seen something she liked and got it - no backstory required at all! Although, it's definitely evident this break-up has been hard (especially with RPatz off gallivating about with Katy Perry!), so she's probably after a bit of whirlwind fun - which a road trip with her nearest n' dearest, and a spontaneous tattoo, definitely is.

Actually, the biggest news here is: is SMILING! HALLE-LU-JAH.

What does everyone think? What is this mysterious tattoo of?


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