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Kristen Stewart is fed up and is said to be questioning her future in the whole Hollywood scene. Nothing but shattered dreams and empty promises! Greedy movie producers sink their hooks into you while your young and ride on the backs of talented young stars like Kstew and toss them aside when their done, leaving nothing but the blood-drained husks of their bodies to rot! Glamourous parties, VIP sections, smog-ridden Los Angeles - who needs 'em! We all know what the world needs is true love, and thats what has been trying to reclaim with .

Party Lifestyle in L.A.

'A source' had this to say to those over at earsucker:

Kristen wants to leave Los Angeles with Rob, so that the two of them can live in the mountains in Idaho. She feels that they should really just try and escape the hard partying lifestyle that comes with being a resident of Los Angeles.

The 'source' continued:

Kristen’s beside herself with worry for Rob. Their recent attempt at a reconciliation has turned into a joke because Rob’s continued seeing other women and partying. Kristen has decided enough is enough.

All passed out after a long night.  It's time to grow up!

I'm lost at what to think about this. To hear 'enough is enough' from Kristen Stewart is rich, considering it's her fault they are broken up now. But at the same time, at least she is trying. I thought Robert Pattinson wanted to be back with her too? Doesn't he realize what he's missing out on? These chances come once in a lifetime. I wish I could just sit between them and hash this thing out so we can all move on.

The 'Source' had one last thing to say:

They even said they’d love to buy a couple of horses and grow their own organic vegetable garden

THAT sounds more like it. Get a move on you two!

At their Garden.  See how much more alive and happy they would be?

(source: earsucker)


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