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Sophie Atkinson

wants Katy Perry to back off like, yesterday, ok?

Rumor has it that Kristen is annoyed that former friend Katy Perry is spending such a suspicious amount of quality time with . To be fair on Katy, Rob must be like crack cocaine to girls who want boyfriends. He radiates the cosily domestic air of a serial monogamist and LA seems like a barren wasteland for female slebs when it comes to men wanting relationships.

According to InTouch magazine, Kristen Stewart is shocked and upset at how much time Katy Perry and her ex, Robert Pattinson have been spending together. According to a source, Katy was "only friends with Kristen for Rob." Ouch! Sounds pretty brutal - and fairly unlikely - do ultra busy, stressed megastars really have time for elaborate fake friendships in order to entrap someone else's boyfriend?

"[Kristen] feels hurt," the insider says. "She feels betrayed."

Well, that's understandable if it's true...who wouldn't? But aren't Katy and Rob just good friends?

The chatty source continued to explain that Katy's got her sights set on Robert Pattinson as a potential new boyfriend:

"The timing was never right [for Rob and Katy]. Katy’s the kind of girl who goes after what she wants until she gets it."

Hmmh. I think they're just good friends - but I guess only time will tell. Do you think Katy and Rob should get together? Let me know in the comments below.


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