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Ever since Hollywood 'ship couple and have split, R-Pattz looks to be having the time of his life, out with friends, linked to potential romantic interests, and throwing himself into his career. K-Stew, on the other hand, looks dour and miserable.

So basically, it's just like their relationship, except they're no longer together.

But a source close to the actress has revealed to Hollywood Life that Kristen is fed up with Rob seeming to have gotten out of their break-up without a care in the world, and wishes he were taking it a little bit harder:

Kristen isn’t happy that Rob has seemed to be so carefree filming his next movie, going out all of the time, etc. Does she want him to live a happy life? Of course. But she wishes it looked like he was suffering a bit more. She feels like her exhaustion and heartbreak as a result of the situation is written all over her face, and she feels betrayed that it looks like he’s totally cool with everything. It’s a cycle of depression for her.

And even though that seems selfish of her, I can totally understand. We're at our best and worst when we break up with someone, with the conflicting emotions of wanting them to be happy and move on...but also maybe not move on quite yet. Still, sources close to Rob say not so fast, Kristen. He's not as okay and happy as she thinks:

Contrary to what Kristen believes, Rob is not taking their breakup lightly. He just doesn't show his emotions openly. He's an introverted guy, especially when it comes to relationships.

He's not one to open up and blab about what's going on. He's also very English and keeps to himself.

Having once lived with a British guy myself, I can attest to that last sentence being spot-on. It's was like pulling teeth to get him to talk about his problems. The infamous stiff upper lip, and all that. Men. Am I right, ladies?

But it seems Rob does have one bright spot of happiness in his life at the moment: His fledgling music career, which he is utterly serious about, reveals the same source:

He's heavily invested in his music career and it will only be a matter of time that he has a number one hit on his hands. He's that talented and that passionate about making this happen. Rob is a very humble, deep, thoughtful person and music is his way of expressing his authentic self.

Good for him. With Rob uncharacteristically lashing out at a photog the other day and Kristen locked in a cycle of depression, it's high time these two start doing things that make them happy, no?


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