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When you're dating someone, especially when you're still in that Cloud 9 stage, you want to shout it from the rooftops, right? Well, celebrities are no different, and is reportedly getting frustrated that wants to keep their rekindled romance (hook-up? relationship? casual dating?) under wraps for now.

A friend of Kristen's recently revealed the scoop to Hollywood Life:

Kristen doesn’t want to keep her relationship with Rob a secret anymore. She doesn’t want to have to sneak around whenever she sees Rob — it makes her feel like she’s doing something wrong and she’s not. Kristen wants to go public with her relationship with Rob.

She wants to go to concerts and other places with him, like they used to. Rob on the other hand, is being a lot more cautious and isn’t ready to have everyone know his business when it comes to who he’s dating.


Gee, do you think the reason Rob is so wary of going public is because he keeps getting paparazzi up in his business, mostly because of "friends" like this leaking personal details? I don't blame him for being cautious and not wanting to be under as much intense scrutiny as they were the first time around, which must have been stressful beyond belief.

On the other hand, I can totally understand why Kristen wants to go public. (Female move #1: Mark your territory when you feel like another cat is moving in on your prey. Lookin' at you, Dylan Penn.) Beyond the desire to publicly lay claim to Rob, I'm sure Kristen wants to know that if they're doing this, they're doing this and that Rob is as equally committed as she is. I get that she messed up in a huge way, but if Rob can't let that go completely and be comfortable taking their relationship public, it's already doomed.

Whose side are you on? Or can you see where each of them are coming from? Let's hear it.

(Source: Hollywood Life)



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