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Sophie Atkinson

Another day, another vitriolic Daily Mail piece on Kristen. What's the dealio, DM journos? Did Kristen give you a dirty look, or hawk in your champagne, or what?

The Daily Misogynist reports:

'...hopefully Kristen didn't mind that when filming her next big project, she appeared to be upstaged by her pretty co-star Tara Holt, 25...Kristen couldn't help but look slightly dowdy in her oversized military jacket, with her brunette hair tied back into a formal bun. Meanwhile blonde Tara - who plays a character named Mary in the film - certainly turned heads showing off her tanned body in cut of [sic] jean shorts and a string bikini top.'

Ahh, the Daily Mail. Setting women against each other since 1896. Check out the pictures:

And now for that blonde vixen Tara:

First of all, I'm confused, is Kristen just looking dowdy cos she's got her hair tied up and she's not revealing any cleavage? Second of all, Kristen's playing a serious role and I don't think looking foxy tops her list of concerns. Thirdly - I can't imagine Kristen in a string bikini top n' cut offs ensemble. I'm not best friends with her or anything, but we've all seen the pictures. She's a strictly t-shirt and jeans sort of lady.

My absolute favorite part of the Daily Mail article was the following:

'At one point, perhaps agitated by the warm sun, Kristen removed her uniform jacket to reveal a tight-fitting grey t-shirt.'

Sometimes I feel like Daily Mail journalists write like aliens who only have a theoretical knowledge of those crazy earthlings. Especially when they write things like 'Agitated by the warm sun'.

This said, it seems an effective method to generate scandal from absolutely nothing at all. They could probably whip up a scandal out of paint drying:

'The mint-green paint glistened lavisciously on the wall. Its come-hither shade was noted by all, but despite its desperate efforts, it looked dowdy in comparison to the sexy new scarlet paint on the next wall along, who was showing off a stylish matte overlay.'

Or something like that.

Are you excited about seeing Kristen in her first bigtime serious person role (not sure On the Road counts, sozzles) or are you just in it for the 'dowdy' military pics? Let me know below.


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