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News broke yesterday that Kirstie Alley -- best known for playing Rebecca Howe in landmark '80s sitcom Cheers -- is slated to join the cast of spoof-horror Scream Queens as the surviving characters move from Season 1's university setting to the C.U.R.E. Institute, a hospital where the strangest cases are looked at. She will be joining survivors Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Lea Michele as a crooked hospital administrator with more than a few underhanded schemes up her sleeve.

Check out the promo for Season 2:

With this role, Kirstie Alley will be looking to draw better reviews than her recent TV work in Flaked and her own meta-sitcom Kirstie, for which she garnered Rotten Tomato scores of 42% and 35% respectively. Additionally, she hasn't been in a well-received film since Woody Allen's Deconstructing Harry around 19 years ago. However, with its campy tone and regular send-ups of horror-clichés, Scream Queens has gathered a loyal cult following, making it the perfect series from which Kirstie can stage her career comeback.

But what have been Kirstie Alley's most famous roles? Here are four of her best performances:

1. Cheers (1987-93)

The role that Kirstie Alley will be known for best is as Rebecca Howe from Cheers, who was introduced in Season 6 after Sam's initial love interest, Diane Chambers, finally exited the show. As the manager of the bar, she started at first as a smart and confident businesswoman, before showrunners realized that she was funnier when she was highly neurotic and sexually frustrated. She soon became one of the most iconic characters not only on Cheers, but in sitcom history. The role earned her both a Golden Globe and an Emmy.

2. Shoot To Kill (1988)

Sporting a rare 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Shoot To Kill is a wilderness thriller that sees Kirstie Alley playing a tour guide being forced through the Pacific Northwest mountains by a serial killer. Playing alongside legend Sidney Poitier and Tom Berenger, she has to use all of her skills in order to survive the situation. Although a simple genre film, it is seen as a classic due to the strength of the performances on-screen and its masterful use of stunt work.

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3. Look Who's Talking (1989)

A surprise domestic hit when it was released, making $297 million off a $7 million budget, Kirstie Alley was paired against in-a-slump John Travolta in the film that revitalized his career — before it was revitalized again in 1994 by Pulp Fiction. It has a rather unique perspective in that the majority of the action is narrated by a baby with its own inner voice (none other than Bruce Willis). It spawned two sequels, Look Who's Talking Too and Look Who's Talking Now, neither of which managed to equal the original's critical and commercial success.

4. Veronica's Closet (1997-2000)

This short-lived TV series saw Kirstie Alley play Veronica “Ronnie” Chase, an owner of lingerie and romance novels, who, despite being described as the expert on relationships, finds her own marriage to be a fraud. The show follows her as she tries to reconcile these two facts and live a more authentic life. The first series finale was seen by a whopping 24.4 million viewers. These numbers dropped however, with its final episode only seeing a third of those views.

What's your favorite Kirstie Alley role?

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