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If there was any confusion over whether or not they are really friends or if there's some sort of feud between them, cheering for after her Oscar win should clear things up once and for all. Um, why would she be excited about her big moment if she wasn't friends with the girl?

As entertaining as it is to think about them duking it out in the ultimate Twilight vs. Hunger Games battle - it appears as though KStew and JLaw are, indeed, all buddy-buddy. Lainey Gossip reports that before the Oscars:

Jennifer emailed Kristen to break the ice. SO on Oscar night when Jennifer won, instead of lighting herself on fire in jealousy, Kristen was freaking out with joy and whooping...

Aww. They like each other, they really like each other.

J-Law is awesome, so anyone J-Law likes must be awesome too. And based on the Oscars thing, J-Law likes K-Stew, so she must have more than a few redeeming qualities about her. Right?


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