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A few months ago, it was confirmed that would be getting a prequel TV series of his own, but not the one fans would expect. Titled and coming from the channel, the show is expected to show life on Superman's (a.k.a Kal-El) home-world before its destruction. But aside from the announcement and a brief synopsis, little else has been revealed about Krypton until now. Thanks to the series' lead actor, curious fans have a glimpse of what to expect from Krypton.

The Legacy Of El

Cameron Cuffe, who plays the Krypton protagonist Seg-El, told the host of CTV's etalk a little bit about his character in the upcoming prequel series. Though the series will only mention Kal-El in passing, Seg-El's personal journey to honor his family name is a familiar character arc that Superman fans will find easy to latch on to.

Seg-El grew up in quite a prominent family, one of the great houses of Krypton, which very early on in the story is thrown away. We cast him down to the lowest cast in society. So we have this once-mighty legacy which has sort of been thrown into the mud and he is trying to survive and trying to regain that honor that has been taken from him.

Cameron Cuffe in 'Pains of Youth'
Cameron Cuffe in 'Pains of Youth'

Cuffe also agreed with a panelist's description of Krypton being "Superman meets Game of Thrones," and shared details on what to expect. According to the actor, Krypton will have a healthy balance of politics, super-powered action, and character development. The show is also considered canon in the DC Extended Universe (), and will draw heavily from the aesthetics and influences of Man of Steel.

The interview ended with Cuffe enthusiastically promoting the show and praising what the show's creators had in store for Superman fans.

It’s brilliant, it’s fantastic, dude you have to see it! It’s wonderful. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. It’s fantastic because it’s so character driven, they are so proud of who this character is and she just shines, it’s fantastic.

Set two generations before Kal-El became the last son of his home planet, Krypton will follow his grandfather Seg-El as he tries to redeem his disgraced family name and save his home planet from armageddon. Krypton also stars Georgina Campbell as Lyta Zod, Ian McElhinney as Val-El, Elliot Cowan as Daron Vex, Ann Ogbomo as Alura Zod, Rasmus Hardiker as Kem, Wallis Day as Nyssa Vex and Aaron Pierre as Dev-Em.

The show is expected to premier on the SyFy Channel sometime in 2018.

Krypton: A Detailed Look Into A Familiar Past

'Man of Steel' [Credit: Warner Brothers]
'Man of Steel' [Credit: Warner Brothers]

Superman's origin story may be known by pretty much anyone who's heard of him, but few people outside of the hardcore comic book audience know what life on Krypton was like before its destruction.

Thanks to various Superman movies, animations and other adaptations, viewers were able to get glimpses of Kryptonian life, but we've never been given the full picture. The most detailed look at Krypton to date was seen in Man of Steel, where Krypton's strict adherence to a caste system based on genetics defined a futuristic yet divided society. With SyFy's Krypton, viewers will not only be able to see what Krypton was like in its prime, but also gain new insight into Superman's birthright and legacy.

Part of what makes Superman an interesting character is his search for his true identity, and Krypton may give fans some much needed answers.

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