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As far as superhero actors go, Krysten Ritter is one of the most awesome of the bunch. She's incredibly talented, smart, and has inspired thousands of fans through her portrayal of Jessica Jones, everyone's favorite hard-drinking P.I. Living up to her role, Ritter is also looking to inspire people in real life by tackling an important issue in our society: bullying. The actress wants to help uplift people going through that situation with some wise words of encouragement.

The actress sat down for an interview with Women's Health to talk about her life, work (including her grueling work routine for Jessica Jones Season 2), and past experiences. During the conversation, Ritter revealed that she found herself in a difficult environment as a child. Her parents divorced when she was in middle school and she moved to a different town with her mom. There, her mother motivated her to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

[Credit: Netflix/Marvel Television]
[Credit: Netflix/Marvel Television]

Ritter caught the attention of modeling talent scouts when she was 15 years old, and she became a model. But that success landed her in hot water with her new classmates. The people in her school started making fun of her looks, as she explained during a 2014 interview with Ocean Drive: "My home life was a little rocky and the kids at school would totally pick on me, and then when I became a model, it almost got worse."

Her situation was difficult, but she explained that what she didn't realize at the time was that the other kids were making fun of her because they were envious of her success. As an adult, she's fully aware of that fact, as she explained to Women's Health:

"You don't recognize it as that, and neither do they. You're just different — and different is not good."

Fortunately, she has come to realize that being different is a must when it comes to succeeding and finding your place in the world. Having embraced her uniqueness, had an empowering message to her fans: "Different is good. Different is great!"

Using Her Experiences To Her Advantage

After realizing her true value, Ritter decided to put what she learned as a child to good use. According to the actress, she uses her life experiences as a source of inspiration for her work: "Anything bad that's happened to me, I try to put it in my work. And afterward, I feel lighter. It's like spring cleaning. I think that's what all artists do — it's a way to communicate their feelings, a way to use their heart and get things out."

That inspiration goes beyond her roles in Hollywood, though. The actress is currently working on Bonfire, a novel that centers around a woman named Abby who returns to her hometown as a lawyer to fight corruption while also facing her past as a bullied teen. While the book isn't exactly biographical, Ritter's challenging moments as a teen helped her develop the story and characters:

"I was inspired by that isolation and claustrophobia and that mean-girl stuff that every single person feels and relates to. Abby definitely lives in a darker corner of my brain that I don't live in. It's fiction. It's not autobiographical. I'm interested in how girls treat each other, and how boys treat girls. It's hard out there."

Ritter also revealed that, aside from her work, she's using her progressive mentality to support her 21-year-old sister, in order to avoid her going through the same ordeal as she once did.

are big sources of inspiration for a lot of people, so it's great to see one of the actors responsible for bringing them to life being aware of their influential status, and using it to help their followers. Stay awesome, Miss Ritter.

If you're eager to see more of Ritter's work, she'll return as Jessica Jones when her eponymous series returns for Season 2 in early 2018. As for her novel, Bonfire will hit bookstores on November 7, 2017.

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