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Karly Rayner

After Thanksgiving-gate, things are looking rosy on the often stormy horizons of R-Patz and KStew's 'relationship'.

Entertainment Wise has reported that Rob and Kristen are doing a bit of sneaky forward planning for a fairytale Parisian Christmas together. Oh là là!

An unidentified source has let slip that and have been plotting to spend Christmas with their respective families and then jetting off for a rendezvous in Paris. Not content with slurping up the sights of the city of romance, they plan to ride the the love train to the charming countryside and castles of the Loire Valley.

While I can't help but be dubious that such a picturesque scenario might be a work of fiction, lets all keep our fingers crossed that love's young dream can endure for the holiday season!

(Source: Entertainment Wise Via The Sun)

(Images: Robert and Kristen GIFs Tumblr and Celebrity Holiday Pics Tumblr)


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