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Despite having spent 'nights out with other guys' since her much-publicized breakup with , it seems that deep down, still longs for Rob's arms.

Now that RPattz is seemingly moving on, hooking up with 's daughter Dylan, one would expect KStew to also trod down the well-known road of closure. Alas, she apparently can't stop thinking about her English flame, as several sources told OK! magazine, which has recently published a whole report on the affair.

While Kristen may be dating again, she's not at all over her ex, a source explains:

She wants Rob.

As do teeming millions of teenage girls, but OK, we get the point.

Kristen’s stopped begging, because she knows it looks desperate. But she'd run back to him at the drop of the hat; he only has to ask!

Whether that happens or not, we'll have to wait and see. But according to other reports, like this one from Life & Style magazine, Robb and Kris have hooked up a few times after their breakup. According to their intel, KStew got dropped off at Rob's rented LA crib and spent the night there. The source elaborates:

They've always had a passion for each other. Even though the relationship didn't work out, they still hook up when they're both in LA.

She was in a great mood. They had ordered food in and stayed up late talking. She said hanging out with Rob was just like old times.

Rob has also 'made it clear' that their present entanglement is one without exclusive commitment, and his friends have reached out to Kristen to let her know that

he needs to keep his distance from her, otherwise they might eventually end up back together again.

What do you think?

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