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SPOILER ALERT: Contains major spoilers for Season 6 of 'Sons of Anarchy.'

Sons of Anarchy creator and showrunner sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the show's latest episode, John 8:32 (a reference to the Biblical verse "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."). A reveal-studded and twist-filled episode, John 8:32 provided a lot of new information on previously cloudy events (i.e. the circumstances of John's death). Here are some highlights of the EW interview with Sutter, as he goes over some of the latest surprises and explores what's in store next for some of the characters on his hit FX biker series.

  • On the great scene where Clay bites off a guard's nose, Sutter had this to say:

I got the idea because a buddy of mine is a chaplain and goes into prisons and talks to these guys and preaches. Maybe one or two of the guys are there because they want to be and the rest of them are just there because it's something to do. The story is that the doctor who's gonna get [Clay] the phone is in the psych ward. So he really has to go 5150 on them and go off the deep end so it’s not just being thrown in the hole. It also was just so much fun to give that to Ron because I knew he’d chew it up. We've sorta been in a little bit of a holding pattern with Clay because he's inside. There’s a couple episodes where I'd written scenes in prison for him, but they ultimately just felt like what they were, which was reminding people that he was in prison. And because my episodes are already so long, we didn't do them. But with this episode and him setting up what's going on with the Irish, we really kick off the back half of his story.

"It was just so much fun to give that to Ron because I knew he’d chew it up."

  • As to where Jax's deal with the DA involving immunity for the MC on all past and present gun charges is heading to, Kurt explained:

I think it's Jax making a decision on how he could potentially save his club. It’s all about setting up Galen and feeling that after what happened with his guys and at the clubhouse, is there anything there left to be loyal to? I don’t know if it’ll just lead to bloodshed as much as it’s that continuing mythology: As Gemma talked about in that Nero scene, it’s history repeating itself. This is why JT was gone to Belfast, because he was trying to do the same thing. And that’s when he hooked up with Maureen. That cycle continues in this world... And it’s interesting that we played it so that it’s actually Patterson who brings up the Tara of it all, who basically says, “Well, what about your wife?” We debated that: The way Jax is feeling about Tara now, would getting her off really be foremost on his mind? Yes, he does want her to get off, but I think it’s almost like he doesn't want to get into it. If he said, “I don’t give a s—” that would open up a whole other can of worms. Him saying, “Yes, this is what I want also” is almost about just doing it because that’s the expectation.

"(...) it’s history repeating itself."

  • Asked if the revelation about John's death (which Gemma gives to Nero) was true, Sutter answered:

Yeah. I think everybody had a sense of that already. But to hear her verbalize it and contextualize it. It’s the fact that she really probably has never uttered any of that out loud before, and that she ultimately really trusts this guy and loves this guy, and he’s sort of done the same to her. That relationship, like every other relationship in this world, always gets tested and has good days and bad days and we’ll continue to see that. When you throw these story lines together and these relationships together, you don’t know what’s going to connect in terms of actors’ chemistry. But the two of those actors together [Katey Sagal and Jimmy Smits] are so much fun to watch — if I can detach sometimes from the fact that it’s my wife and he’s this Latin stud. There’s so much mutual love and respect between them as actors that I think that really comes across onscreen.

"(...) she ultimately really trusts this guy and loves this guy, and he’s sort of done the same to her."

-On the conspicuous absence of Barosky, who has been gradually fading out of the show this season:

I love that character, and he was integral at the beginning of the season, and he actually comes back... I know he’s in the finale. I just wanted to keep that character alive because I think he’ll ultimately have some story next season. It just felt like one of those great urban characters that we have in terms of like Alvarez and what we had with Pope. He’s just one of those fixtures that are part of that community that our guys have to engage with. The thing I love about the world itself and how we play those relationships is that it’s like countries: There are embargoes, there are tensions. There are periods of time when everything is good and they’re allies. And then something goes south and suddenly they’re at war. It’s never a straight line, and it’s always very complicated because there’s no rule book. It’s all based on a handshake and an understanding. The simplest thing can turn it upside down. I've seen it in the MC world. It’s like suddenly I’ll go to a run with these guys, and there’ll be a club that’s no longer there. And I’ll be like, “What happened to…” and it’s that some arbitrary thing happened in a charter in some other part of the country that impacted the whole organization, and suddenly they are no longer alive to them. Those relationships are so fascinating, and I like to keep those characters around so we can continue to bounce off of them.

"I know he’s in the finale."

You can read the rest of the interview right here.

What do you think? Did you enjoy the episode? What's in store in future eps of SoA?

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