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Every year, early reports from film festivals claim that a new movie has provoked people to walk out in mass hysteria, whether it's due to the controversial subject matter, or untold levels of gruesome horror.

In reality though, these claims are often exaggerated. If one person leaves because they feel nauseous or just need to visit the bathroom, news outlets are quick to report that the film in question has caused audiences to leave in their droves.

However, this year, it seems as though we may have a genuine contender for grossest film ever, thanks to the cinematic debut of musician . According to a review from The Verge, a "large chunk" of the audience left a screening of at and more continued to leave right up until the film's final scene.

Think you can handle it? Check out the official trailer for Kuso below:

While the trailer raises its surreal flag tall and proud, the minute-long promo only provides a glimpse of the true grotesqueries that await viewers.

The Verge revealed that:

"Some gross-out films are one-note, but Kuso finds new ways to test viewers' fortitude."

Kuso [Credit: Brainfeeder Films]
Kuso [Credit: Brainfeeder Films]

While the story revolves around the lives of mutated LA citizens following the after-effects of a devastating earthquake, here are some of the ways that Kuso reportedly tests the viewers' fortitude, including:

  • A man having sex with a talking boil.
  • A medicinal anal cockroach.
  • Genital mutilation.
  • An alien smoking a human foetus.
  • A woman chewing concrete until her teeth disintegrate.

While Flying Lotus downplayed the severity of these reports, claiming that only 20 people walked out during the Sundance screening, that's still... well, a lot of people. I wonder if the walkouts began around the time an alien creature yanked a foetus directly out of it's mother's womb? It's hard to tell with these things.

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Starring a diverse cast that includes Parliament-Funkadelic’s George Clinton and music from the likes of Aphex Twin and Thundercat, Kuso could be the most bizarre yet uniquely enjoyable film you'll see this year. While no official release date has been given, we're waiting for the cinematic debut of Flying Lotus with baited breath, holding our vomit bag at the ready.


Would you ever walk out of a movie in the cinema?

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