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Following on from President Donald Trump's disastrous phone call with the Prime Minister of Australia last week, it seems relations between the two nations are souring. And quite honestly, the trademark feud between Australia pop queen Kylie Minogue and lip kit enthusiast Kylie Jenner isn't exactly making matters any better.

It all began like this: At a mere 19 years of age, the youngest member of the Kardashian Klan clearly convinced herself that she was so important that she simply had to trademark her first name. Back in 2014, the star wanted to register "KYLIE" for advertising and endorsement services. Unfortunately for her, another Kylie found some serious issues with that.

Kylie Minogue says 'nope' to Jenner's efforts [Credit: Instagram @KylieJenner, 'The Voice' on BBC One]
Kylie Minogue says 'nope' to Jenner's efforts [Credit: Instagram @KylieJenner, 'The Voice' on BBC One]

Kylie Minogue swiftly sent in a list of reasons to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for opposing the Jenner's claim. She argued that the social media star would cause confusion and "damage" to her long-standing brand — one that certainly doesn't need to be tarnished by a "secondary reality television personality." Ouch!

Here's an excerpt from her scathing filing notes:

"Ms. Jenner is a secondary reality television personality who appeared on the television series 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' as a supporting character, to Ms. Jenner's half-sisters, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian (i.e., the Kardashians). Ms. Jenner is active on social media where her photographic exhibitionism and controversial posts have drawn criticism from, e.g., the Disability Rights and African-American communities."

The latter was in reference to that super fun time posed in a wheelchair for a photoshoot for Interview magazine and pissed a few people off in the process:

In comparison, the veteran pop star called herself an "internationally-renowned performing artist, humanitarian and breast cancer activist known worldwide simply as ‘Kylie.’" Her documents also made the very valid points that she's been famous far longer than the reality TV teenager and has owned the domain name since 1996. It continued:

"Kylie has been in the entertainment industry since 1979, and launched her first album titled 'KYLIE' in 1988. To date, Kylie has worldwide record sales of over 80 million records and tours regularly around the globe, including in the United States."

'The Voice' [Credit: BBC]
'The Voice' [Credit: BBC]

See more:

And now, after a long, heated fight and a two-time suspension of the case back in 2016, a settlement has been reached signalling who came out top. Spoilers — it's Kylie Minogue.

'The Voice' [Credit: BBC]
'The Voice' [Credit: BBC]

With that in mind though, don't expect to see Jenner weeping into her Snapchat account anytime soon because there are also reports circulating that in mid-January, Minogue's team actually withdrew their opposition team from the conflict. This ultimately meant that Kylie Jr.'s claim could proceed, but considering it hasn't yet strongly suggests that some kind of settlement was reached between the two ladies.

So, as Kylie Jenner returns to her role of "secondary reality television personality" following this trademarking nightmare, just think about this for a second: If Kris Jenner wasn't so adamant that she wanted all her daughters to have names beginning with a "K," none of this shit would have happened in the first place.


Who should have won the Kylie vs. Kylie trademark battle?

(Source: Images from the BBC, Hello Magazine)


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