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With the coming up, Damien Chazelle's La La Land is pretty much everywhere — after all, it's not everyday that you see a modern musical earning 14 Academy Award nominations. But with all the awards buzz surrounding it, from countless interviews to reveals of the incredible effort that was required behind the scenes, it's almost like we're forgetting the soft melancholy that wraps you in.

The difficult life choices, the touching love story, the fatality of time passing by: They're all in this adorable 8-bit version by YouTube channel CineFix, who summed up the movie in under three minutes with adorable pixelated versions of Mia and Sebastian, and classic game prompts that mark every scene.

Watch The 8-Bit Version Of 'La La Land'

The retro style of the video is wonderfully close to the timelessness of the movie, which take as much from Broadway classics as it does from modern cinema. I wouldn't even be mad if Oscar success led to tons of La La Land goodies, starting with a video game — because this looks like an absolute delight to play!

'La La Land - 8-Bit Cinema' [Credit: CineFix]
'La La Land - 8-Bit Cinema' [Credit: CineFix]

I mean, doesn't this sum up the whole conundrum at the heart of La La Land? The choices we make every step of the way determine how the whole story will turn out — and there's no way to know in advance which one will allow you to win.

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If you're just dreaming of seeing all your Hollywood favorites as vintage video games now, you'll be happy to know that CineFix has a whole series of cinema in 8-bit, starting with Rogue One.

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