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The most coveted award in the film industry was handed out this evening at the end of the 89th Academy Awards — but there was just one problem: it was given to the wrong film. That's right, actors Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the winner for the Oscar for Best Picture incorrectly.

"La La Land" won the Oscar — and then, a minute later, "Moonlight" won it.

Beatty had paused strangely while reading the envelope; his co-presenter finally took the reigns and called out La La Land as the evening's winner. The entire La La Land cast and crew walked to the stage. The filmmakers began to give their winning speeches to the masses, thanking loved ones sharing inspiring messages. However, they were soon cut off by a flurry of Academy workers rushing to fix the unknown mistake: La La Land hadn't won at all; Moonlight did. It was total, unprecedented chaos.

[Credit: ABC]
[Credit: ABC]

In the frenzy that followed, the producers of La La Land grabbed the envelope, announcing Moonlight as the winner, and presented it to the camera.

Jimmy Kimmel, the cast of La La Land and the audience were clearly in shock while trying to absorb the colossal mistake — which had never before been made at the Oscars. Beatty also stepped forward to tell the audience how they had gotten it wrong; he had been handed the wrong envelope.

Beatty had been handed the envelope for Best Actress, which had already been announced as Emma Stone in La La Land. Well, someone is losing their job tonight!

The cast and crew of Moonlight hurried to the stage in shock as the cast of La La Land, exited, also in shock.

[Credit: ABC]
[Credit: ABC]

The whole ordeal was more than an awkward exchange and the internet completely lost it. While many made jokes about the mistake, others were able to take a moment to recognize what Moonlight's important win means for pop culture and film.

Oddly, Stone says that she was still holding her card for Best Actress, but Beatty apparently was handed the second printed copy from the other side of the stage:

No doubt, after tonight this kind of mistake will never happen again. It's unfortunate for the cast of La La Land, but also wonderful because Moonlight was a deserving and incredible film. For those of us who were rooting for Moonlight, it certainly was a welcome mistake — and we are all Janelle Monae now that this wreck of a Best Bicture presentation is over.

What do you think about the Academy's mistake? How did you react in that shocking moment? Tell us in the comments below!


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