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By now anyone who's even remotely interested in the has caught wind of the debacle that took place on stage when it came the time to announce the Best Picture winner. Presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were mistakenly given the card for Best Actress that read "Emma Stone, La La Land" — but instead of wondering why an actress's name was on the card for Best Picture, read it out loud anyway.

Which led to the cast and producers of climbing on stage to accept their award before someone realized the huge mistake — yet not before not one, but two producers had started thanking their families and the universe. One producer in particular should get his own statue engraved for Most Professional Behavior of the night: Jordan Horowitz, who not only reacted the fastest but had the grace to invite the Moonlight crew to collect their Oscar.

Let's break it down.

Already at 10 seconds into this video you can see a man come in from backstage with an envelope. There's obviously a problem.

The confusion grows. The whole group looks uneasy and starts shuffling around. A second producer starts a thank-you speech that he ends with an even more confusing, "We lost, by the way."

Meanwhile, Beatty is still standing right next to the mic, trying to process what just happened. Cue Horowitz:

"Guys, guys, guys. There's a mistake. 'Moonlight,' you guys won Best Picture."

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And he grabs the card, yanks it out the envelope, says one more time that this is "not a joke." Then host Jimmy Kimmel shows up but you know, it's been cleared up already.

Hats off to Horowitz for being more efficient than the entire Oscars event team and the least sore loser in history.

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