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Ahh . Winner of hearts, minds and pretty much every award ever invented, hailed as the triumphant return of the musical to the big screen, marking the third time Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have starred alongside each other and producing songs that are so catchy you have to repeatedly bash your head against a brick wall to get them, for the love of God, to stop.

But beneath all the dazzling lights, beautiful faces and lack of plot (wait, what?) did you notice the dark, distressing subtext literally dripping from the screen lyric by lyric, jazz reference by jazz reference? That's right, La La Land has fooled us all into believing that it's just a visually stunning love story told through the medium of song, when in fact it's a doomed intergalactic, interspecies sci-fi romance — and we all missed it.

First Of All Lets Look At La La Land's Song Titles

La La Land [Credit: Lionsgate]
La La Land [Credit: Lionsgate]

For a movie that describes itself as a love story between a jazz pianist and an aspiring actress in Los Angeles, there appears to be something very bizarre going on beneath the movie's luscious neon surface. Just one quick look at the song titles reveals that rather than a flimsy musical whimsy around the City of Angels, La La Land is actually a sci-fi thriller focusing on the struggles of an interspecies alien-human relationship.

Let's consider the following song titles:

  • Another Day Of Sun
  • A Lovely Night
  • City Of Stars
  • Planetarium
La La Land [Credit: Lionsgate]
La La Land [Credit: Lionsgate]

Now, given that La La Land is supposedly all about finding love in LA, there seems to be rather a lot of songs dedicated to matters of the universe, the solar system and distant planets. Coincidence? I think not. So, let's start to unravel this intergalactic mystery by focusing on the lyrics of some of La La Land's musical numbers. First up:

Another Day Of Sun Song Lyrics

  • An Anagram For: Horny, And A Foetus
  • Lyrics Of Interest:

"The Technicolor world made out of music and machine / It called me to be on that screen / And live inside its sheen."

The big opening number of the movie, Another Day Of Sun, has three purposes. Firstly, to lead the viewers into the all-singing, all-dancing, technicolor universe of Mia and Sebastian, secondly to demonstrate the grave damage cars have on our environment and thirdly to subconsciously alert us to La La Land's dark, alien subplot:

Mia is an alien who dreamt of nothing but coming to Earth to live as a human and to find a willing human mate.

If we look at the above lyrics, it is clear that the Another Day Of Sun chorus-singers are singing from Mia's perspective. Consequently, Earth appears to her as a "technicolor world" comprised of both music and machine, and all that she ever dreamed of was to live within it. The fact that Another Day Of Sun is an anagram for '"horny, and a foetus" is just further proof of her plight; Mia is the foetus, an as of yet undeveloped human, frothing at the loins to find a consenting human lover.

Someone In The Crowd Song Lyrics

  • Anagram For: Echoed Womens Intro
  • Lyrics Of Interest:

"So with the stars aligned / I think I'll stay behind."

Having established Mia as an intergalactic being, we then see her struggling to fit in to the activities of 'typical' LA girls getting ready to paint the town red (or blue, or yellow as the case may be) in Someone in the Crowd, an anagram for "echoed womens intro," which is precisely what this song is: women are introduced, and they echo each other.

Mia's key lyrics in the track occur when, convinced she doesn't appear human enough to fit in to the party, she announces she'd rather stay at home as the "stars are aligned," i.e. because she's feeling homesick.

See Also:

A Lovely Night Song Lyrics

'La La Land' [Credit: Lionsgate]
'La La Land' [Credit: Lionsgate]
  • Anagram For: Hate Lovingly
  • Lyrics Of Interest:

"And maybe this appeals / To someone not in heels / Or to any girl who feels"

Mia and Sebastian's first proper duet together sees them jumping on and off a bench simultaneously, performing a semblance of what appears to be tap dance and entering into an epic sass-off. However, the lyrics of A Lovely Night reveal that as an alien, Mia is unable to channel human emotion, referring to other human women as "girls who feel," when she is "frankly feeling nothing."

Consequently, A Lovely Night being an anagram for "hate lovingly," makes perfect sense. Being unable to feel human emotion, Mia cannot tell the difference between hate and love and therefore in her mind, the two are combined harmoniously together.

City Of Stars Song Lyrics

  • Anagram For: Tryst Fiasco
  • Lyrics Of Interest:

"City of stars / Are you shining just for me? / City of stars / There's so much that I can't see."

City Of Stars is Sebastian's moment to shine. Finally we are able to pry into his barely beating faux-jazz heart, to wonder if he is actually capable of emoting any recognizable feeling or if Ryan Gosling's decision to use a mute rock as his character inspiration was a conscious choice. Not only this, but it digs deep into how it feels to engage in a romantic relationship with an emotionless alien.

As the lyrics reveal, Sebastian finds his love for Mia a truly baffling experience, unsure whether he's made the right decision to be with her, and also feeling completely blinded by being with her, there is "so much" that he can't see. Needless to say City Of Stars being an anagram for "fiasco tryst," is by this point a telling sign of how the interspecies love affair will meet its untimely end.

La La Land's Song Lyrics Truly Are Out Of This World

If there's one thing we weren't expecting to be the blockbuster success of the year, it was a contemporary musical. If there's one thing that even those of us who dare dream couldn't fathom, it was that the blockbuster of the year was a contemporary interspecies sci-fi musical featuring an emotionless alien and a emotionally stunted human.

It's always a pleasure to be surprised by Hollywood, especially since it's become a dire cesspit of monotonous, dollar-guzzling terror, and getting to see some interspecies representation on the big screen is just the sickly sweet icing on the otherwise vastly overrated cake. Yum.


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