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Up to this point, director has commended himself mainly as the heir apparent to (Sideways) with a series of melancholic tragicomedies and satires (Thank You For Smoking, Juno and Up in the Air).

Labor Day finds the filmmaker exploring different genre terrain, however: the mature weepie à la Bridges of Madison County and A Perfect World (the comparison stems -weirdly enough - from Peter Debruge's rather negative review of the movie. How can you find a movie negative, once you compared it rather favorably to those to those two films remains a mystery to me).

The coming of age tale centers on the romance between a depressed, frustrated single mother () and an escaped convict () who holds her and her sensitive son hostage. The movie is narrated from the perspective of the boy.

I for one am pretty excited to see Reitman try his hand at something tonally new... I also cried my eyes out during A Perfect World (and yes, Bridges of Madison County... that damn cross scene) so I am well-up for some classy tearjerking!

To get a first tiny glimps of the tangible sexual tension between Brolin and Winslet watch the first Labor Day clip below.


Labor Day is released on December 25 in selected cities and has its wide release on January 31, 2014.

As the promise of an upcoming weepie of superior quality has wetted my appetite for such fare, what are your favorite tearjerkers?


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