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Chances are, you've never heard of . But if not, you should have. Why? Because she's pretty much done every female stunt for every flick for the last decade, was the ass-kicking stunt double behind Xena, and others. In short, this is a woman who can mess some serious ish up.

She ventured into acting a few years ago and has sprinkled it in among her stunt work with small roles in some pretty well-known movies. And now she's getting a chance to be the topliner for the upcoming Raze. Directed by (a man who apparently got BUSY in 2013, judging from his IMDB page), the horror-thriller is a beatdown of epic proportions. Literally.


Also starring , the movie follows Sabrina (Bell), who gets abducted by a shadowy group and held in an underground lair. There, she and 50 other women must engage in deadly, gladiator-style battles for survival in front of an unseen crowd of wealthy spectators. The catch is it's not just their survival they're fighting for. Every woman also has something to lose, in Sabrina's case, her daughter's life.

Raze premieres at Tribeca Film Festival Sunday, April 21st at 9:30pm. [[follow]] along so we can keep you up to date on when this might be hitting screens and being distributed.


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