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Warning: This article contains spoilers from American Horror Story: Roanoke

American Horror Story created the perfect illusion this year by keeping the theme of Season 6 secret, with the showrunners guarding every little detail about the season close to their chest. As fans attempted to solve the mystery, a series of promos and previews only made things more confusing. When premiere night arrived the world watched as My Roanoke Nightmare — a fictional documentary featuring a series of re-enactments — took viewers through the of Matt and Shelby Miller's experience at the Roanoke farmhouse. It was a terrifying new tone for the anthology series that seemed more realistic than the previous seasons.

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After Roanoke Nightmare ended in "Chapter 5", we watched as producer Sidney Aaron James put Return to Roanoke: Three Days In Hell into production. This sequel reality series saw the dramatic re-enactors and their real life counterparts move back into the Roanoke house during the three days of the Blood Moon cycle. Ever since Roanoke Nightmare came to an end, viewers have been wondering one thing — where has Lady Gaga gone?

Gaga was nowhere to be seen during the second part of the season and her actress character never took part in Return to Roanoke. Apart from her scenes as the witch in the re-enactment, she was never seen or spoken of. With the Season 6 finale only days away, could we see Gaga make one more appearance in Roanoke?

Will She Be Playing The Actress Behind Roanoke Nightmare's Version Of Scathach?

Who is the woman behind Scathach? [Via FX]
Who is the woman behind Scathach? [Via FX]

As Gaga played Scathach in the My Roanoke Nightmare re-enactment she isn't actually the real version of the witch. The second part of Roanoke focused on all of the re-enactors meeting their real life counterparts and I found it unusual that Gaga's actress character was never mentioned. In fact, the unnamed character was the only actor who had a main role in Roanoke Nightmare not to appear in Return to Roanoke.

During Return to Roanoke we were informed that there would only be one person left alive after the three nights of terror — Lee Harris was the one to survive. Since Gaga's character wasn't actually involved in Return to Roanoke then that means that she and Lee are the only remaining major cast members of both shows. Perhaps this will be a big part of the Lana Winters' special TV interview that will be seen in the finale.

If Gaga does make a return to AHS before Roanoke culminates, then it will likely be as this unnamed actress who will now be remembered as one of the last remaining survivors of the two Roanoke-based TV series'. Due to the popularity of both shows, the character's acting career will likely have taken off.

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Could Gaga Make An Appearance As The Countess?

Gaga won a Golden Globe award for her performance as The Countess. [Via FX]
Gaga won a Golden Globe award for her performance as The Countess. [Via FX]

The shared universe of American Horror Story has allowed characters from previous seasons to pop up in subsequent years, so when we're discussing Gaga and American Horror Story, how could we not talk about Hotel's The Countess? In one of the earlier My Roanoke Nightmare based episodes of Season 6, Lee Harris was quizzed about her first daughter — a girl named Emily — who was mysteriously kidnapped from the backseat of Lee's car. Some people connected this information with The Countess as one of the characters' main traits was to kidnap young children and turn them into vampires.

The finale of Roanoke will feature an in-depth exposé on Lee Harris, conducted by Asylum's Lana Winters, so there is a chance that Emily will be brought up in the discussion. If this is the case then perhaps we will finally learn the truth about the young girl and maybe we'll even see a typical AHS flashback. If so, then Lady Gaga could reprise her role as the Countess.

Lady Gaga was the subject of some scrutiny when she first joined American Horror Story, but through her performance as The Countess in Hotel she won the viewers over with her tremendous work and was rewarded with a much deserved Golden Globe. Her performance as Scathach in Roanoke has definitely left viewers wanting more and when My Roanoke Nightmare came to an end we were sad to see that she wasn't a part of Return to Roanoke.

To be fair, Gaga has probably been super busy with the release of her new album Joanne so maybe she simply didn't have the time to film more scenes for American Horror Story and I'm reading too much into this. But this is Ryan Murphy we're talking about and I know better than to believe Roanoke will have a standard ending — there is most certainly a twist coming, but will Gaga be involved in the culmination of the most terrifying American Horror Story yet? I guess we'll have to wait until Wednesday to find out.


Do you think Lady Gaga will make an appearance in the American Horror Story: Roanoke finale?

American Horror Story: Roanoke concludes Wednesday on FX.


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