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If you watched the first episode of American Horror Story Season 6, your response probably registers somewhere between bafflement and joy, or perhaps a little of both. Yep, My Roanoke Nightmare looks equal parts mysterious and mental, employing an odd dual-timeline structure in which the same characters are portrayed by different actors (for reasons that may become clearer down the line) and taking things back to basics with a more streamlined story than the chaos of Hotel.

Speaking of Hotel, though, one notable resident was curiously absent during the Season 6 premiere of AHS — I'm talking about Lady Gaga, obviously. The Countess is part of the main cast of My Roanoke Nightmare, so where the hell is she?

The arrival of the trailer advertising episode 2 and beyond seems to answer that question in animalistic fashion. Check it out below...

If you blinked, chances are you missed Lady Gaga's cameo. Skip to around six seconds in and take a look over the shoulder of Kathy Bates's raving lutanic (because of course...) for your first glimpse of Gaga in action.

Reveal yourself, Gaga... (FX)
Reveal yourself, Gaga... (FX)

It goes without saying that we still don't know anything about Gaga's character yet, except that she has a dirty face and appears to be in cahoots with Bates at a ritualistic burning ceremony. As always with Ryan Murphy, the answers will be revealed in due course... or at least, some of them will.

Tune into FX next Wednesday night to see Lady Gaga and Kathy Bates do some truly weird shit as the mysteries of American Horror Story Season 6 begin to unravel.


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