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Season 2 of Ryan Murphy's American Crime Story doesn't even have a trailer yet, but television's most in-demand showrunner is already pushing ahead with Season 3 of the hit anthology show, and this one sounds like un bel trionfo!

The murder of fashion legend Gianni Versace, brother of Donatella and founder of Versace, will be explored in Versace/Cunanan: American Crime Story. Gianni was just 50 years old when his life was taken in Miami Beach by Andrew Cunanan, who took four previous victims and committed suicide eight days later on his Miami houseboat.

Although the murder itself is not unsolved, investigators never uncovered a true motive for the young killer's targeting of Versace: Was it jealousy, or something more personal? The murder occurred on July 15, 1997, meaning Versace/Cunanan will premiere on or around the 20th anniversary of the fashion designer's death.

As well as potentially providing new insight into the bizarre, tragic circumstances of a high-profile crime (something other recent true-crime series like Netflix's excellent Amanda Knox and the sensational Making Of A Murderer have excelled at), there's every chance Versace/Cunanan will thrill on another level — by taking us behind the scenes of Versace at the most horrible moment in the fashion house's history.

And although the basic premise of Season 3 is great, the real reason I'm so stoked for this is to find out what role Donatella has to play in American Crime Story. In real life, Donatella flew to the Caribbean in the aftermath of Gianni's murder to avoid media attention. I can't imagine Ryan Murphy would tell this story without the iconic lady with the lips, which raises the question of who could play Versace (for once, it probably won't be Sarah Paulson).

Gina Gershon did a pretty good job in Lifetime's House of Versace (2013), a trashy biopic which would be described as "best forgotten" if anybody had actually seen it in the first place (check out the trailer above if you're so inclined — Donatella's dramatic collapse after learning of Gianni's death has to be seen to be believed).

Personally, I think American Horror Story alum Lady Gaga feels like the natural choice to step into Donatella's ridiculously blinged-out Versace heels, and we know Ryan Murphy likes to keep it in the family.

Also, when you hide Gaga's face behind an adorable fluffy dog, it's genuinely hard to tell the difference between the pair:

No doubt we'll find out soon enough, because Versace/Cunanan is shooting back-to-back with Season 2 of American Crime Story, which is set in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Ryan Murphy will direct the first episode.

Will Versace/Cunanan: American Crime Story shed new light on the tragic murder of Gianni Versace — and who'll play Donatella?

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