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Murphy seemingly confirmed that Gaga is the original, first ever Supreme in an interview with HuffPo, promising we'll revisit the Coven theme:

"We’re going to do a return to the ‘Coven’ season in some capacity. So that character will be further explored then.

I knew that this character was important to the mythology of the show, and I really wanted her to play that character."

Season 7 of American Horror Story has been confirmed, though Murphy says that this will NOT be the return of the Coven season, "But we’re definitely going to do it." Keep the ideas rolling in for the Season 7 theme, AHS fans...


It was another week of gore and guts over on American Horror Story: Roanoke, but something other than blood was spilled during the fourth episode. We finally got some insight into Lady Gaga's mysterious wood-witch-nyph-lady. Wardrobe costs were low as Gaga romped around in her antler fascinator and matted red wig. Pre-dating even the Salem witches, could Gaga be some great descendent of those wonderful Coven witches, or one step further — the very first Supreme? It would at least explain where Stevie Nicks got her lusty vocals from.

Born This Way

Image: FX
Image: FX

While still not revealing her intentions (or even her name), Roanoke "Chapter 4" actually became rather Gaga-centric. While once again doing the nasty, Gaga revealed more than was intended to the hapless Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr.):

"She was opening herself to me, not just her body, but who she was."

We have all heard that one before after a few sherries.

While Matt succumbed to the spell of Gaga, we learned that she was an English girl, and descendent of the druids, who worshipped "the old gods." It all sounds very Game of Thrones so far. Stowing away on a ship to the New World, Gaga's witch was blamed for a bunch of deaths amongst the crew, and believing a woman to be bad luck, was sentenced to be burned at the stake — Myrtle Snow style.

Known as the Massacre of the White Soldiers, it was pinned on the Indians and lil' Gaga went on her merry way:

"The old magic and the New World created something new, something original."

That's right — Gaga created the coven!

Salem's Lot

Image: FX
Image: FX

Before his grand finale, Cricket Marlowe revealed that Gaga is “the bitch with the real power,” hmmm, where have we heard that before? Back in Season 3 we got a brief history lesson of the coven, confirming that the girls of Miss Robichaux's Academy are descended from the original Salem witches. Gathering their powers from Voodoo witch Tituba, the Salem girls were forced south thanks to those pesky witch trials in 1692. Their sickly Supreme at the time was Prudence Mather, who enacted the Sacred Taking to allow a new Supreme to rise. The very brief retelling seemed to be the start of the witchline, but now it appears not.

Dating back to the 1500s, Gaga's journey is pre-Salem, and her "new magic" is what Tituba and the Salemites were following. So, who is Miss Robichaux? Nothing is known about the woman whose name resides above the Coven house — Russian, French, who knows? However, we do know that Gaga's current accent definitely has a peculiar twang to it — hello Miss Robichaux. It would make sense to name your coven after its founding member after all.

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Bad Romance

Image: FX
Image: FX

So, the final question is: Is Gaga actually evil? Sure, she enticed The Butcher to slaughter the Roanoke colony, but they had already been using some really bad juju. Yes, Gaga may have waved around the odd flayed skull, but we are yet to actually see our wood-witch slaughter anyone. Remember, it was actually Gaga who saved The Butcher — she did ask for Thomasin's soul in return, but that was after saving her life from the various wild pigs that were about to chow down. Compared to the modern coven, Gaga is an all-round good girl. Flipping busses, creating man-bull hybrids, and burning each other alive, I think slaughtering a Devil colony is pretty tame.

Image: FX
Image: FX

Apart from the odd blood sacrifice, it looks like all Gaga wants is the D; which is good news for Cuba, as Matt seems in a pretty safe place by the witch's side — although he is probably about to become a daddy. The themes of children and curses run deep in AHS lore, from Nora Montgomery's Infantata, to Bloody Face Jr., and even The Countess's deformed love-child. Not to mention all the pig imagery, which links to a sign of fertility; let's just hope Matt wore some protection down in that bunker. The last thing we want is another demon baby running around. Proving that not all witches are bitches, I think the wool has been well and truly pulled over our eyes. If Gaga really is the all-powerful Supreme, she could be key in stopping The Butcher's murderous ways and saving all involved — if not, better prepare some more body bags!

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