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Lady Gaga is one of America's most cherished and vibrant performers, but even her light can occasionally be dimmed by the sudden onset of the common cold. Recently in Montreal, the singer was forced to postpone a concert due to getting sick after performing in some unfortunate weather.

The singer posted her sincerest apologies to her fans in Montreal, both on Twitter and Facebook. Though she promised, with the best of her ability, to get the concert rescheduled, she still sent out a message of deep regret that she was unable to perform for her adoring legion of little monsters.

“To my beautiful fans. I couldn’t be more devastated that I am unable to perform tonight,” she tweeted, signing the note as Joanne, the performative persona inspired by her late aunt, who died of Lupus-related causes in 1974 at the age of 19. “I sing this entire show live, and pride myself in giving it all, but when I sang in the rain at Citi Field I got sick and have been pushing through. I am so sorry to anyone who had their heart set on seeing me tonight. I love you.”

But they weren't ready to quit on the show or their Mother Monster just like that. received quite the surprise later on when a parade of fans assembled outside her hotel room to serenade the ill singer with a few songs off her latest album, Joanne.

The singer, moved by her fans response, bought pizza for everyone standing outside her hotel room. And as she watched adoringly from the hotel above, the songstress tweeted out her undying love for them and how much it meant to her to recieve such a positive response.

The "Million Reasons" singer is in the midst of her current world tour to support Joanne that will run through the rest of year up until December 18th, and she recently announced she's working on a new album. Gaga's new documentary, , is set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this week and will hit Netflix on September 22.

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