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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Lady Gaga is one of those celebrities determined to use the clout and cash that fame brings to make the world a better place. The Today Show followed Gaga to homeless shelter the Ali Forney Center, where she talked to several homeless LGBT youths, hoping to Share Kindness. Gaga performed for the youngsters there, gave out winter supplies and talked to the group about battling with both external and emotional adversity.

Check out the beautiful video of Gaga sharing her support.

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Gaga has always been honest with fans about the rape she suffered at age 19, dedicating her song "Til It Happens To You" to sexual assault survivors. With her Sharing Kindness outreach work, she went one step further: letting vulnerable kids know that, even though she still suffers PTSD from the incident, she's fighting it — and they can too. Gaga told the youths at the Ali Forney Center:

"I suffer from PTSD. I've never told anyone that before, so here we are. But the kindness that's been shown to me by doctors as well as my family and my friends, it's really saved my life.

I don't have the same kinds of issues that you have, but I have a mental illness. And I struggle with that mental illness every day. I need my mantra to help keep me relaxed: 'You are brave, you are courageous.'"

Thank you, Lady Gaga, for sharing your experience and for trying to share a little kindness in this world.


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