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Scott Pierce

, better known as Lady Sif from Thor, is throwing her name into the Wonder Woman ring. She recently told Comic Book Movie this:

"They tried to reboot Wonder Woman, which was a huge embarrassment if you ask me. ’s great, but you can’t take someone – no matter how talented – and put them in a trashy costume, then say they’re supposed to be a positive role model for women. I don’t think she got into it thinking that’s what they’re going to do, and I think she played her hand as well as she could, but that project was just not the way to go.

I’ve actually been approached a couple of times about it. I think right now, my loyalty is to Marvel. But yes, I’d love to play more characters like Sif: keep the young girls of the world safe from slutty costumes and poorly written scripts!"

Feminist values! I like that. But it begs the question: What role does Wonder Woman play in today's society compared to, let's say, Black Widow? I'm not sure how much people really want to see someone in a costume -- trashy or not -- as they ride around in an invisible plane and use a lasso as a weapon. There's also the issue of casting: Would you rather see Alexander as Wonder Woman or fan favorite ?


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