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The late 90s were a great time for creature features. However, two have always stood out above the rest: Anaconda and Lake Placid. Both films featured some serious talent like , , , . They also had something else in common: They're unintentionally hilarious. I've never really been able to decide if the filmmakers thought audiences before Wikipedia would be unable to fact check what reptiles are capable of. The movies also featured silly gems - like the backwards waterfall in Anaconda and Betty White saying this in Lake Placid.

In an unexpected turn of events, these two mid-level franchises will be joining forces in the appropriately titled Lake Placid Vs. Anaconda. I'm a little confused as to when we decided that the giant croc in LP was known as a giant body of water, but I'll take it. The film will reportedly shoot in Bulgaria in December.

Until then, relive the trailers for the original films.



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