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David Latona

Less than a week before it premieres on HBO, the cable giant has released three short clips showcasing a couple of scenes from 's new comedy, Clear History. The plot focuses on a former business exec, Nathan Flomm (Larry David), who one day learns that the rights and profits of the car he designed are now owned by his former boss (played by ). Set to regain his rightful pride, he schemes the perfect revenge.

In the first clip we get a sweet taste of what the David-Hamm interaction is going to be like...


...and we get a further sample with this brief discussion between the two guys:


And, to top it off, there's a bonus clip where the full-bearded Nathan finds himself at odds with a Highway Patrol officer. Hilarity ensues:


Clear History will premiere at 9 PM (EST) on HBO on August 10th.



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