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Monday, March 13, 2017 marked the end of principal photography on MTV’s Teen Wolf. Cast and crew members gathered early in the morning for a family photo and then got down to work on the remaining shots for their sixth and final season.

Among those finishing up work on the show Monday were Tyler Posey, Dylan Sprayberry, Shelley Hennig, Ryan Kelley and Khylin Rhambo. Each shared a portion of their final day with fans via social media. Rhambo actually showed off a new tattoo he got to mark his time on the show.

It All Started 7 Years Ago

2598 days ago, a cast of relative unknowns gathered in Atlanta, Georgia to begin filming a small part of a Teen Wolf TV pilot episode. As showrunner Jeff Davis remembers it, they didn't do a full pilot because MTV didn’t know if remaking a 1980s B-comedy about a teen werewolf would actually work.

“The network ordered a presentation pilot which can usually feel more like a sizzle reel than a story. So we did our best to condense it down to a manageable script leaving out most of the fifth and sixth acts.”

There were very few people who believed this show would ever make it on the air, and, even once the show got picked up to series, nobody expected it would still be going seven years later. Executive Producer Jeff Davis explains why he believes the show lasted this long.

“I just wanted to write something entertaining that would scare people and make them laugh. That’s what I stuck to. I believe that goal, of being entertaining first, is probably what led to its success. While we’ve never been a ratings smash, our fans are incredibly loyal and passionate.”

Fans Broken As Cameras Stop Rolling

Those passionate fans wore their emotions on their sleeves — and their Twitter accounts — as filming reached the end.

Teen Wolf returns to with new episodes for a final time this summer. Past episodes are available for streaming now on, the MTV app, and Amazon Prime.

What has been your favorite Teen Wolf moment thus far?


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